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  • Multipurpose Crawler Piling MachineMultipurpose crawler piling machine entirely adopts Cummins dynamic system, able to output surging power. The sophisticated hydraulic control system contributes to the high efficiency and operating precision. The integrated controlling system makes the manipulation simple and easy...
  • JUS Crawler Hydraulic Piling RigJUS crawler hydraulic piling rig can be attached with drilling machine, hydraulic pile driver and diesel hammer. Its electric driving system features low energy consumption, low noise, low vibration and little pollution. The walking crawler and the 360-degree-turn tower contribute to its high working efficiency...

Crawler piling rig is a new generation of piling equipment. The entire machine is driven and controlled by hydraulic system. It can be quickly emplaced and put into working after being transferred to another site. The human-machine interface on computer screen makes the operation convenient.

Starke is a professional crawler piling rig manufacturer in China. The wide range of products we offer includes bored rotary drilling rig, silent hydraulic pile driving machine, diesel pile hammer and more.

Other Products
  • JB62E Hydraulic Pile Driving RigGuide rail centre distance(mm): 600×φ102
    Max. gradient(°): 2
    Hoisting cable (lifting pile): 14NAT6×19W+NF1770-115m
    Length of long running mechanism(mm): 2000