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Bored Rotary Drilling Rig

Bored rotary drilling rig is used in bored piling. It consists of piling rig, concrete injection-molding system and power head, and long spiral drilling stem. Its inclined strut adjustment, pile frame revolution and movement functions are all controlled by hydraulic system. The cymbiform track walking-type movement mode enables flexible slew and convenient location. Bored rotary drilling rig can conduct long spiral drilling, which has a better pile-sinking performance than hammer piling, and has a lower damage chance than vibratory hammer.

Technical Parameters
Item Unit ZKL600 ZKL800
Pile frame model   JB62 JB100
Max. drilling diameter mm 600 800
Max. drilling depth m 24 26
Motor power kW 45×2 55×2
Gear reducer model   ZZSH430-45.5 ZZSH480-45
Rotation speed m/min 24 21
Output torque kN ·m ≈ 33.0 ≈ 46.0
Track gauge mm   600 × Ф102
Max. elevating power kN 320 400
Rotation angle ° 0 ~360 0 ~360

Bored rotary drilling rig can conduct multi-pile engineering, improving the working efficiency and reducing the labor intensity. It can be equipped with various working devices to meet different needs: Drilling machine or vibratory hammer can conduct concrete pouring piling; Diesel hammer can conduct hammer driven piling; Homotaxial or multiaxial drill stem can conduct stirring pile plant engineering.

Our product is adaptable to complex terrains and stratums. It can relieve or eliminate the seismic liquefaction of sandy soil.


Starke is a professional bored rotary drilling rig manufacturer in China. We provide a vast array of products, including hydraulic pile driving rig, crawler piling rig, diesel pile hammer, and silent hydraulic pile driving machine, among others.

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