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Successful Commissioning of China First Self-developed HHP35 Hydraulic Impact Hammer

The China first self-developed HHP35 hydraulic impact hammer with strike energy of 525KJ is updated from the hammer with 300KJ strike energy. It, manufactured by Liyuan, is the domestic self-developed piling mechanism with biggest strike energy.

The commissioning project is Jiuzhou Channel Bridge with the sail design which is one of three main bridges of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. The steel pipe pile comes with the diameter of 2500mm and length of 67meters. The piling depth is of up to 62 meters. (The depth refers to the distance between the sea level and strongly weathered rock.) The construction site belongs to the Chinese white dolphin's habitat, thus our construction equipment must be characterized by low noise, low vibration, and zero pollution. It follows that this commissioning project is such a big challenge.

On January 3, 2013, Liyuan HHP35 hydraulic impact hammer (525KJ) successfully drove a 67m steel pipe into water to the design depth with the strike of 1300 times. This process takes about 50 minutes in total. This successful commissioning shows that our company fills the domestic blank in this area.

Currently, as the operator reports on the construction site, the operating status of hydraulic piling achieves a good result. Three steel pipes will be installed per day, completely exceeding the construction volume what users expected.

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